How to dispose of medications in River Falls

Hi, I’m officer Gottfredsen from the RFPD.  I would like to explain our Medication Disposal Program.  The MDP is a drop off for people who need to dispose of prescription drugs, over the counter medications, vitamins, liquids, inhalers, sprays and pet medication.

It’s important for community members to utilize this program to reduce substance abuse, protect the environment and to prevent childhood poisonings.  The accessibility of medications is especially concerning so if citizens no longer need the medication please drop off your medication at a drop off site.

The drop off location for River Falls is in the police department lobby and is opens M-F 8-4:30.  There are several other drop off sites located at law enforcement agencies.

There are instructions on and near the drop box requiring all pills be removed from their original containers and combine in a zip lock bag which is provided near the drop box.  Liquids, creams gels,etc. can remain in their original container; remove name or label and place in zip lock bag.  We can’t accept sharps, oxygen tanks, nebulizers, radioactive cancer medication, or mercury thermometers.  Please refer to the co health department for syringes.

If an item is too large to fit in the drop box opening please notify the police office staff to assist with discarding the item.  It is preferred that you call the police department prior to dropping off a large item.

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