UWRF will be a Tobacco-Free Campus: Effective July 1, 2013

UWRF will be joining over 700, and growing, campuses nation-wide who have gone either tobacco- or smoke-free.  UWRF is the second UW-System 4 year campus to go tobacco-free (after UW-Stout, who went tobacco-free in September of 2010).


Smoking and the use of other tobacco products will be prohibited on all campus grounds (college owned, controlled, and/or leased); college owned or leased properties; and campus owned, leased, or rented vehicles. This includes but is not limited to all university streets and sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas, outdoor athletic facilities, and recreational areas; at lectures, conferences, meetings, social and cultural events held on campus property or campus grounds. Smoking or the use of other tobacco products is also prohibited in the interior of all buildings including campus residence halls.

“Tobacco” is defined to include any lighted cigarette (such as clove, bidis, kreteks), cigars, pipes, and hookah products; any other smoking products (such as e-cigarettes); and any smokeless, spit or spitless, dissolvable, or inhaled tobacco products, including but not limited to dip, chew, snuff or snus, in any form (such as orbs, sticks, pellet, etc.).

This policy will apply to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors, and visitors during and after campus hours at all UWRF sites. Enforcement of this policy will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students to not only comply with the policy, but also to encourage others to comply in order to promote a healthy and clean environment in which to work, learn and live.

UWRF is continually offering cessation resources for those wishing to quit tobacco use. Please visit Student Health and Counseling Services in 211 Hagestad Hall or visit the Health Topics A-Z web page for more information and available resources.

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